Monday, May 18, 2015

April 2014 Temple Visit

Since living here in Rock Springs we haven't gone to the temple like we use to when we lived in Laramie.  Funny part we are about the same distance from a temple as we were in Laramie.  It seemed more convenient then, then it does now.  I think we had more of a support system there I guess.  We always went with people and took turns going in.  It made for a long day but we always rewarded ourselves with yummy restaurants.  Also we had sitters and what not.  But all that aside I wanted to take the girls to the temple since we never seem to get there with them or as a family.  D and I would always go to the temple with the ward when the RS or EC went but not as a family.  So we were headed to Salt Lake and I really wanted one of the main things we did, be visiting the temple with the girls.  
Lots of pictures of the same thing but the little story they tell cracks me up now.  Also it is a little glimpse into our real daily life.

We think we are getting a good picture

mom asks Em to stop and just smile

I think go her to stop 


Dad asking her to stop and take a nice picture, Paiglee very obedient not usually our misbehaving child

Em really not caring what dad is saying, Dad leaning in a little more to plead her to stop, Paiglee still trying to be good

Em still testing Dad, Paiglee checked out

Just when we thought we had her cooperating with us, she books it and we call it good

Funny thing about this picture.  There was this young couple probably not even married.  But they were giving some serious PDA.  It was actually a little inappropriate for the place.  The girl was like on the guys lap and kissing a lot and very touchy.  It was very hard to act like they weren't there.  This picture shows Paiglee looking at them, it is kind of how I felt, as well.

look at little sasserilla's pose, silly girl.  Funny thing: When we were walking up the spiral walk way to see the statue of Christ Emery was yelling and once she realized it echoed she really laid into it.  D and I were scrambling to silence her. 

I am glad we took the girls, now we try to go walk the temple grounds when we go to Utah every time.  Love these girls for their individuality and all the bring to the world.  They are so polar opposites and it can be so entertaining but also sometimes I wish they weren't so far apart on the spectrum of being different.

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