Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grandma Nickelson's 100th Birthday

At the end of January we all headed to Thermopolis to throw my Grandma Nickelson a surprise birthday party for her 100th Birthday!  If at any time you feel it appropriate to have a surprise party it would be for a 100th birthday, right?  I had asked my Grandma many years ago to promise me she would make live to be 100.  She did it and I was so happy for her.  Not only was it a huge accomplishment for her but I have always wanted to say my Grandma lived to be 100.  I mean that is just cool, no matter how old you are.  We had so much fun this trip, and it is a great memory of my grandma.  We really surprised her and I think she felt really loved.  We had her cousins come and that really surprised her.  She is a very modest person so she thought it was craziness that we made such a fuss over her.  She is a big deal to us, and so it was only appropriate to make her a big deal.

Most of my family stayed at my grandma's which is not a big place.  D and I opted to get a hotel room, we need our space.  We went to the Star plunge to swim one day, we sat around talking a lot.  We had her birthday at I think the best mexican restaurant in Thermopolis.  We spent a lot of family time hanging out and just enjoying this time, that we all hoped wouldn't be our last to be all together with our Grandma.  It was wonderful and everyone gave her, her favorite treats.  She also received a letter from President Obama.  We all laughed and made jokes.   We didn't celebrate on her actual birthday but the day of her birthday I had sent her flowers to make her feel special on her actual b-day as well.  My mom sent me a picture of the flowers on my phone but I have yet to get all my pictures off my phone.

I love this lady and I am so glad that we were able to celebrate this huge milestone and show her how much we love her.

She means the world to this family

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