Monday, May 18, 2015

April 2014 Easter

We couldn't decide if we wanted to go to Laramie for Easter, I wasn't feeling like I wanted to so we decided to stick around here.  We dyed eggs late, I believe we did it on easter.  Luckily Emery was napping and so Paiglee and I just colored her eggs together, which was nice.  I didn't have to worry about Em breaking the eggs or spilling the dye.  She joined at the end when she woke up.  She was able to put stickers on some of the eggs.  It was a really laid back easter.  I didn't get pictures of their Easter baskets or anything, I believe so I kind of dropped that ball.  But I was able to get some cute pictures of the girls.  

Look at this cute little lamb Emery got from the Easter bunny, I believe Paiglee got a piggy.

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