Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lander September 2015

Before we moved I couldn't wait to get to Lander.  I was just ready for the new atmosphere and whatever it had to bring.  I knew it was going to be good for us.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that D and I have this imaginary list of things we look for in our ideal place we want to live.  Well I didn't even know how much Lander had so many of the things on our list.  When people think Lander they automatically think Reservation.  But we aren't on the reservation and that is a huge difference, so glad we aren't.  It has this outdoorsy vibe, very granolaish, salt of the earth type vibe (so refreshing).  But you also have the farming community.  The mountains are right in our backyard.  The trees are ridiculous here....there are just so many.  We have 13 trees just on our property and we had to get rid of two that were dead.  We are on just about .25 of an acre, 13 trees is a ton.  We came from no trees to 13!  They are work too!  We have this awesome terraced backyard.  I totally love it, it is a big reason we loved this house.  The sucky part is the sellers weren't gardeners and I don't think they knew what they were doing to be honest.  It looked and still looks horrible.  It is going to take a while for that to get to where we want it.  Heck it is going to take a while before our whole house to be where and how we want it.

I love it here so far and I feel super blessed to be here.  The more I find out about our surroundings and the town I love it even more.  I can deal with the small town factor, sure it gets annoying to have to go to the next town for Walmart, but we just plan and do a big bulk item run once a week.  Plus we have a really nice Safeway and their produce is pretty awesome and things actually go on sale here.  It is so quiet here, no interstate running through town or in our back yard anymore.  We commented within the first few days about not having the interstate in our back yard anymore.  I will say the birds are loud here, but i will take the bird chirping, that is normal.  I love not being attached to my neighbor and worrying if they can hear me yell or laugh or sing to my music when I clean my house.  I love the small town feel.  People in general are really nice here.  I have to get use to people just starting up a conversation with me for no other reason than to be friendly.  One of my friends I have here just started talking to me and we both joke about the look on my face when she did it.  Shock was very apparent on my face.  The pace of life here is slower, even compared to RS.  Just get use to driving 25 or 20 through the whole town.  People just help you to help.  Quick story:

I was at a playgroup and was leaving.  I tried starting my van and it wouldn't start.  It would try to turn over but it wouldn't.  Also I couldn't get one of the electric sliding doors to close.  Some how the car finally started and I got the door closed.  It was weird but I didn't think any more about it.  When I went to pick paiglee up from school it wouldn't start and the exact thing happened again.  I call D he brings me the truck because it was Tuesday and right now Tuesday's are our really busy evening days.   In between shuttling the girls to every where they need to go D and I go to O'riley and we are asking the guy who works there if he thinks it is the starter or battery.  Then a guy starts talking and D and I both are kind of taken off guard like whoa you were totally ease dropping.  Well this guy totally offered to come to our house check it out.  I had to go get Paiglee from piano and leave D with this guy.  In the back of my mind I think what if he is a psycho and kills D while I am not there (cause you know I came from a huge town like RS).  But he isn't, turns out he is just a nice guy.  We get the van started and we take it to O'Riley to test the battery.  We needed a new one and the guy that helped us was there he exchanges numbers with D and tells him if we have any more problems just call. WHAT!? Who does that!  We both commented on how that would never happen in RS unless you knew the guy and were best friends with them.So my point is people are freaking nice here.

I love that people are more the way I grew up.  No helicopter parenting!  People just drop their kids off and leave during practices and then come get them when done!  No hanging around the schools they don't let parents in to eat lunch with kids for the first week.  I have to be honest I love it.  In RS I always felt obligated to stay at practices cause other parents did.  You don't want to be that parent.  I hated extra activities for that one reason.  First day of school parents didn't hang around and walk their kids in the building.  It was crazy! I loved it!  I always thought it was weird in RS that everyone did that.  I never considered myself a helicopter parent then we moved here and I am the last one dropping my kid off sitting there watching her.  Other parents drop and go.  Part of mine though is Paiglee being new to a school.  But at those moments I came to terms with, holy crap I am a helicopter parent.  I am so glad it is this way here, it will instill some independence in my clingy child.  In RS we were having problems with her thinking she would be left or forgotten.  We haven't had any of those problems here which I am totally surprised with and thankful for.

I will tell you the biggest thing D and I have noticed here.  There is no socioeconomic status mumbo jumbo crap here.  Can I scream it from the roof tops, that I love it!!!  I don't know why it is different here no clue but it is so much better.  That was one of the biggest reasons we hated RS.  The keeping up with the Jones's crap was bad.  The well to dos hung with the well to dos.  The not well to dos hung with the not well to dos.  There was little cross over, people could argue this with me but I lived there long enough to see it experience it and hate it.  Don't get me wrong I made great friends and love a lot of people there but guess what they are the good eggs that we found in it all, some might even agree with me.  My point in case when someone tells me oh you should move over where I am so I can hangout with you more.  WHAT?! How is the mile between us so gapping huge that I would have to move to have a better social life.  I hate that you can't just be a friend or like someone because of them.  That some how where they live and what they do for a living factors into that equation.  That kind of atmosphere wears on the soul, that would be a huge part of why I kept to myself and had a small group of good friends.  But there is a lot of money there so I guess, why should I be surprised?  I am just glad I don't have to live in it anymore and that it is one of the drastic differences we have noticed here and we feel it and I am so thankful for it.

I had many silent pleadings to the Lord that whenever, wherever we ended up that it would be what we needed.  The Lord knew we were not thriving in RS anymore and I feel so blessed that he knew what we needed and that he sent us there.  We didn't fit into RS we are the odd ducks out I guess and it caused me to not want to invest any of my valuable time into people who didn't actually give a damn.  Who wouldn't actually be a real friend or bring value to my life.

I am just thankful to be here and so is Daryl, the hard stuff we had to endure to get here makes it even more enjoyable.

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Sarah B. said...

We LOVE Lander too. If we had to live somewhere besides Laramie, it would totally be Lander...so glad you guys are loving life! Love you all!