Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Leaving Rock Springs

I will be honest, as much as we wanted out of Rock Springs, I also had become comfortable there.  I can't speak for D he never was.  He loved his job and that was about all he loved there.  Paiglee had her friends and loved her activity day leaders.  She was finally going to get the teacher I have been wanting her to have.  It was just familiar and I like familiar.  I wasn't sure if I was going to miss Rock Springs.  To be honest I was just glad we were finally leaving.  We have struggled really bad the last two years with finding happiness there.  Don't get me wrong we were happy with our life but the place we were living was really wearing on us.  If that makes any sense.  But I didn't have a lot of time to think about these things because moving was so stressful and I thought I just needed to get there then all would be okay, stress would be alleviated.  Not the case!

The morning of moving, saying goodbye to the place we have called home for the last seven years.  I already knew I was going to miss my house and certain things about it.

The girls were troopers through it all and dealt with things so well.  I tried so hard to keep my crap together for them.  We were on the road to a new place!

I knew I wasn't going to be walking into a home that was as clean as mine in RS.  My realtor in RS already told me I wouldn't get a house as clean as mine.  I guess it is uncommon for people to be clean?!  I had planned on cleaning a lot but little did I know how much I really would be cleaning.  I just wasn't prepared for what I walked into.

I did the final walk through when we pulled into Lander.  The owners were out weeks before and they had a contractor doing some of the negotiated repairs during those weeks.  Also my contractor had been in to scrap the popcorn ceilings off.  But I walked into that house and it didn't smell like I remembered.  Plus my contractor had left more of a mess than I would have liked.

Here is a list of everything that went wrong:
-moneys negotiated to be exchanged were not exchanged
-the swamp cooler wasn't working
-the down stairs toilet wasn't functional
-the whole entire house was disgusting
-the kitchen was the worst of it
-my brand new refrigerator got dented and scratched really bad
-the foundation had a crack that was discovered
-the bugs and spiders are out of control here

I think that might be it.  When I say the house was dirty I really mean dirty.  There was a greasy film on every wall and the kitchen was so bad.  It took three days for my mom and I to get the kitchen really clean.  Then it still needed some touch up done.  But we washed every single cupboard inside and out.  Every crack was scrapped and cleaned.  My mom spent one whole day on the oven while I worked on cupboards.  It was not just a wipe down of them either it was taking a sponge that wouldn't scratch them and scrubbing.  The grease was compounded by the fact that they had a cat and the cat hair was everywhere sticking to the grease.  It was in every crack!  I literally don't think they ever cleaned.  I didn't look hard enough at the kitchen when we first saw it.  But guess what it wouldn't have changed anything because it is still one of the better homes on the market at the time and I even kept looking at houses after we put an offer on this one and nothing compared.  I am so glad that we bought a fridge, theirs was so nasty.  The oven needs to be replaced and probably could have been if we didn't have to do unexpected construction.

My parents were only going to stay until Sunday.  We moved on Friday and they could only stay until Sunday.  Well Sunday morning Daryl discovered a big crack that you could see through in the foundation.  I was appalled, I was mad because they should have disclosed it and they didn't.  I talked to the realtor and she said they didn't have to unless it was structural and it wasn't.  But how in the world do you in good conscience sell a house like that and how did my inspector not make note of it. A lot of shady things went down with them and I still have yet to look into them all.  I will at some point, not now.  So my parents made plans to come back after my mom's appointment on Monday and get all the stuff needed to fix the downstairs room properly.  I had to get on my contractor to do his job in a timely manner.  It was just a hot mess and I kept my cool through it.  That in itself is a miracle.  The whole situation taught me a lot.  But I am so glad that first week is over.  I looked back from the second week and it felt like a life time had passed that first week.  I couldn't believe we had done so much in so little of time.  But once again through all the things that went wrong there were many heavenly mercies that I saw.  I cried once I think that Sunday and it was the two previous days finally catching up to me, and it felt like almost a panic attack.  I was so mad at the sellers and my realtor.  I felt blind sided in so many ways and the Sunday morning I finally had a moment to absorb some of it and it came out in tears.  I was trying to hold it together because the girls were pretty mortified by the house as well.  I didn't want them to hate the house we were suppose to be excited for.  Emery wanted to go home the first day.  She told me she hated this house.  But I knew once I cleaned it she would change.  I made that kitchen spotless and with the cleaning the smell began to go away.

I don't want to go back to that week or two ever.  They were really not fun, so stressful.  I still have so some cleaning to do to make this home feel clean enough for me and up to my standard.  But a ton is behind me and that is all that matters.  I am so proud of myself for keeping my cool like I did.  even Daryl was shocked and I kind of was too when I look back on it.  But it really taught me about myself.  I know for a fact though that if my parents weren't here helping me during that first week and a half I wouldn't have handled it so well, probably.  They really helped and dug in and cleaned and repaired.  I was afraid it was going to kill my dad he was working so hard.  I stopped several times just to hug my mom and thank her for helping.  I thought about taking pictures for before and after but you can't see the film of grease on everything you just had to see it in person.  I still need to scrub my ceiling in the kitchen and repaint it.  There is so much that needs to be done to this house, that we have planned.  But for now until we can recover it is good we will continue to paint and clean.  I swear it took three deep cleanings of the bathroom to get it really good.  Each time grim came off and it made me curse the sellers.  I actually hate the sellers and have hard feelings toward them.  So much so that I hate my room because I know that is where they slept and for some reason it makes me mad.  Plus with the headache they gave us before we even moved in just to get the house then the nastiness of it, it just compounded to..... I can't stand those people.  People I have never met in my life.  I don't understand uncleanliness, I never will.

Before we moved we had tossed the idea of getting a hypoallergenic dog.  Well with me having to clean all the cat hair up I told Daryl it is out of the question.  Also the linen closet in the hall had a horrible smell to it.  My mom scrubbed it from ceiling to floor and it still smelled.  I put my stuff in there anyway thinking it will air out and I put dryer sheets in there.  It didn't work it made my towels and everything smell like it.  Daryl said it was the smell of a litter box or kitty litter.  Once he said that I knew he was right.  So finally this week I painted it with KILZ and it is gone.  Hurray!  The downstairs toilet is almost fixed too.  Also did I mention the sellers also did the worst paint job ever.  Even if I liked their colors I need to repaint to cover up their bad job.  In the bathroom I noticed they painted over hair.  I mean why couldn't they wash the wall, then paint.  It kills me the laziness of the sellers.

But I love my house now and there is a lot of improvements we want to do but they will come with time.  The house is livable and breathable now.  I do a little something new each week and up keep on the rest.  We love this house and the uniqueness of it.  Also we love the yard as well.  So once it was cleaned I was reminded why we did choose this house, there is so much potential and character to it.

My fridge, it happened the first day while they were trying to get it in.  Daryl was sure it would send me over the edge, but it didn't.  I just said it is okay we can replace the door.  We haven't replaced the door but we will eventually, but once again we need to breath.

The first night we didn't have the swamp cooler and it was so hot so Daryl and I slept on the couch with fans blowing on us.  This night I was exhausted but I was the last one up and I really missed my house.  It killed me to know I gave a really clean house to a guy who was probably sleeping soundly and I was in a pig sty and miserable missing my house wide awake.   Funny tidbit in RS in our living room window we had a view of the hospital there and here in Lander we too have a view of the hospital on a hill from our living room window.  Those are the lights you see in the window and part are from the airport as well.

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