Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Leading up to the move

We came back to RS rearing to go.  We tried to sell our home without a realtor for about a week and then realized we needed a realtor.  We learned that they are able to shuffle out the not serious buyers from the serious buyers.  Plus they just give your home more exposure than we ever could.  We looked into three realtors and decided to go with Paula Doody for one reason really her no BS attitude.  She was worth every single penny.  We absolutely loved her,  she helped us beyond what was required of her.

We came to Lander one weekend to look at houses and luckily I was already looking online and had a list of what I wanted to look at.  I thought I found the house I wanted online and was ready to make and offer without walking through it.  But Daryl and Paula strongly disagreed with that.  Good thing too, it was the biggest dud.  We walked in and smelt the place and looked at each other.  We hated it, and I am so glad we didn't listen to me, not like that was even going to happen.

The day of looking at houses was becoming quite the downer, the houses here are old and smell funny and not well up kept.  I was grossed out and just discouraged.  We looked at the place we finally ended up buying and it was the best we saw all day.  We loved the yard and it had some upgrades and didn't smell as funny when compared to the other houses.  We also wanted to stay within our current house payment/price range.  We didn't want to go to the max of our price range and be house poor.  Also their aren't new housing divisions going up like in Rock Springs.  If a new house is being built it is already called for.  The economy is different here than Rock Springs.  So we made and offer on this place and followed the great advice of Paula.  When they countered our offer we should have known then that it was going to be a roller coaster with these sellers.  But they finally accepted our offer and they had another offer on the table but we were the better offer.

We had a lot of struggles with the realtor here in Lander and the sellers.  I actually would never recommend the realtor here.  Our lender (who is also amazing by the way)had to do part of her job for her, he felt our pain having to deal with her.  I rarely talked to my Rock Springs Realtor and from the moment I put an offer on the Lander house I was texting or calling the Lander realtor daily up until the week we closed.  It was awful and so stressful.  The sellers acted like we were trying to take them to the wood shed, when we were just trying to be as fair to both parties as possible.  It was a huge learning experience and I actually dealt with it pretty well.  I did have to call my mom several times just to vent and yell.

Daryl had to commute two weeks from Rock Spring to Lander everyday because his job started before we could close on both homes.  That also added to the stress of packing and selling a home and buying a new one.  I remember there being a time in July where it seemed like we were never going to move and the days moved so slow.  I was in a limbo I couldn't pack because our RS realtor said that just incase our buyer fell through we need to keep it in normal order as long as possible.  So I felt like I was a sitting duck waiting for something.  Then when D was commuting it was hard things began to get super hard ten fold.  Our van's a/c broke in it and no one could get us in, in Lander or Rock Springs.  So he had to commute for two weeks without a/c.  Plus I was really behind with the packing.  Luckily my parents came to help and really helped to get us packed and moved.

Our Bishop in RS let us borrow his moving truck and that a lone saved us a boat load of money.  I am so grateful for that.  We had a few friends come to help us load the heavy things we really needed help with.  I was a little disappointed to be honest though.  In the seven years we lived in RS Daryl had helped many, many people move in and out of the ward and even non-members.  We didn't get the help like we had hoped for in return.  I guess my thought was oh you have helped and now it is our turn to dip into that and get some help.  It made me feel glad to be moving.  But my parents were our saving grace and really helped a ton.  We wouldn't have been able to do it with out them.

This moving experience compared to when we moved to Rock Springs was much more stressful.  But through it all I could probably name as many blessing through it all as I could stressful events.

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