Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Activities

While I have tons of catch up to do on this blog, I have to start posting the current things going on in our life.

We are moved and about as settled in as we are going to get right now.  We really love it here and love our home.  The girls have adjusted really well and I couldn't ask for more.  I knew part of their success was in getting them active and involved as soon as I could.  

Paiglee has been asking us since last school year to play soccer and so we got her signed up as soon as we could and luckily Lander doesn't do their registration as early as RS does.  I found a lady in our ward to do piano lessons for us.  Then Paiglee also has activity days as well.  She is busy when she has all three in one week.  Paiglee is doing awesome with soccer, I was impressed with how much skill she had kept, with not really using it for a few years.  

Paiglee tells me daily how much she loves soccer.  There are two older girls on her team and she looks up to them a lot. She told me she wants to be good like them so badly.  I told her she would if she sticks with soccer, tries hard, and practices.  She wants to do good and asks "mom did I do good"?  Of course she does, and she has improved even with the three weeks she has been playing.  She also has matured a lot since the last time she played in 1st grade. She use to never go for the ball and she would dance and hop around the crowd of kids that were around the ball.  Now she gets in there and she controls the ball better.  I am excited for her, and her new love of soccer.

The beautiful Wind River Mountains are one of my favorite things about living here.  The pictures don't even do them justice.  I constantly say how pretty they are and how much I love the mountains.  

Emery has some activities as well.  I signed her up for gymnastics two days a week, and I was able to get her into Tiger Tots here two days a week.  She loves Tigers Tots and barely has time to hang up her coat an back pack before she runs in to her classroom.  She barely has time to say goodbye to me as well, and never looks back.  She feels big and loves to talk about "her" school.  

Gymnastics has been good she cracks me up watching her try and learn these skills her teacher is teaching them.  Watching her try to move her body they way she is told to makes me giggle.  She is such a social butterfly and is not afraid to talk to the kids.  She is so fun to watch.  I haven't been able to get picture of Emery at gymnastics because her teacher likes parents to go but next time I pick her up a few minutes early I need to remember to pull out my phone and snap a few pictures.  

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